Great Finances and the Future

I’ve gotten a good profit from the alternative investment market. My coworkers were the ones who told me about it, and we decided to invest together. It was a situation where we agreed to split the profits from our investment, and if we walked away with nothing, then that would be it. From the money we pooled together, we got more than five times as much back, and we were excited, as if we had won the lottery. It was a shock to see that much money from an investment, and we were already thinking about what to do with our future. One person wanted to retire early so he could live on an island.

I still had a little girl to worry about, so I wanted to use the money to send her to college. I have no idea how much college will cost in the future, but if tuition rates keep going up, she’s going to need every cent that I’ve earned from the investment. I think that my little girl can go far in life, and I want her to have every chance possible to do whatever she wants to do. At her age, she wants to do just about everything, from being a doctor to an astronaut. Kids have such an active imagination with no limits and it’s pretty great.

We’ve been talking about making another round of investments, and I’ve already got some money put away just for that moment. I think we have a chance of making even more money than we made last time, but there’s always the possibility that we could make only the same amount or less. As long as we make more than we put in, I will consider that a success, even if I’m not as rich as before with the previous investment.