Getting the Restaurant to Be Environmentally Friendly

I was appalled at something I saw not long ago, so I did what I normally do in a situation like that. I was waiting to pick my daughter up at the restaurant where she had been working for a few weeks. I was out back, and I saw a couple of employees throw a massive amount of food in the bin behind the building. I never considered what a restaurant does with food that they do not sell, and I was curious about better solutions. That is how I found out about food waste management.

What I normally do when I am bothered with something is go online and look for a solution if I don’t know of one myself. When I did this, I thought I would find out what other restaurants do with their leftover food, but I found something much better. I found the website for a company called VisionRe, and I was so impressed with what they are doing to make this planet a better place for not only us but the generations that are not even here yet. I showed the information to my daughter, and she promised to show it to the owner of the restaurant.

She told me a few days later that the owner contacted VisionRe, and they are going to help him become more environmentally friendly. I was happy to hear this because there is so much more than just the extra food that was getting tossed out every night. There is a lot of other waste, including styrofoam, plastic containers, cardboard, and so many other things. VisionRe is able to help them cut back on what they are throwing out by reusing it or recycling it in other ways. Every little bit helps, and I am glad that my daughter and I were a part of this particular bit.