Greedy top indian government employees refuse to end their massive financial fraud on their female engineering classmate since 2010

شرکت خدمات سئو و بهینه سازی سایت – انجام سئو سایت تضمینی و حرفه ای – هزینه سئو کار متخصص قوی

Exposing the complete lack of personal and professional integrity of top indian government employees in the indian internet sector, they refuse to end their massive financial, online fraud on their female btech 1993 ee engineering classmate, falsely claiming to own her savings, bank account and domains, to get all their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends, relatives lucrative raw/cbi jobs at the expense of their classmate, a single woman engineer who they HATE, have never helped at all.
The greedy top indian government employees are getting salaries of at least Rs 1.5 lakh monthly, allowances, pension after retirement, the real domain investor is making losses because of the government domain ownership fraud, which is also demotivating her .
Additionally 12 years after the online fraud started in 2010, it is clear that the cunning cheater top government employees, their girlfriends and associates will never purchase the domains, yet being extremely greedy fraudsters, they are making fake promises every year, and getting their relatives, friends, monthly government salaries, while the real domain investor is not allowed to sell the domains due to the fake stories of liar government employees who falsely claim that they own the domains of a private citizen who they hate