Fraud cbi employees duping people, companies that school dropout cbi employee is an engineer

All people should be aware of the fact that bribed by google, tata, CBI duping people,companies that its eighth standard pass employee gujju housewife employee naina , a school dropout,mother of two sons wearing a mangalsutra, is an engineer, having the resume, investment of a single woman bhandari engineer, google competitor’ to defame and deny the single woman engineer the income and opportunities she deserved.

The single woman engineer is not at her home which she owns all the time, because of personal reasons, work as she has to recover her savings which cbi, security agency employees have stolen without a court order , so the section 420 fraud cbi employees are involved in a massive fraud falsely that nosestud wearing gujju fraudster owns the house of the engineer, to waste tax payer money, paying the school dropout a monthly government salary

A powerful fraud ntro employee parmar is infatuated with school dropout naina, and is making fake claims that his premika is an engineer, so why is cbi blindly believing these lies , why does it not legally verify whether the fraud parmar is abusing his powers or telling the truth, legal records will prove that naina who was illegally married at the age of 16, does not have a degree of any kind. A red Maruti Brezza L2233 is usually parked in front of the house where the fraud cbi employee naina actually lives

Just because a person is not at home all the time, cbi, indian government has no right to falsely claim that some other person owns the house, has the resume, investment of the legal home owner, to pay the person a monthly raw/cbi salary . A citizen is free to live in any place, it does not affect the ownership of her property