Intelligence employees with fake engineering degrees responsible for import of defence equipment

Despite having the second largest population in the world, india is the largest importer of defence equipment, because a large number of government jobs , especially in the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies are reserved for the relatives and friends of top officials, who are often faking their resume, including electrical engineering degree, resume , with the help of powerful NTRO employees and fraud companies allegedly google, tata
The top indian officials are extremeley irrational, and think that if they repeat their lies about engineering degree continuously for 7 years like parrots, or the rishis in hindu mythology , their sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud relatives and friends will become experienced engineers overnight
However these top indian government employees lack a scientific temper, repeating lies may create an illusion of truth, and dupe some people, their relatives and friends will only remain sex, housekeeping experts
A woman who has worked in red light area, may be a sex expert,a housewife may keep her house clean, however she has no engineering knowledge or expertise, so she will not be able to design, test or manufacture any kind of equipment. So when indian intelligence agencies are filled with fraud women faking engineering degrees, the labs and research centers cannot develop any equipment, forcing india to import from far smaller countries.