I’ve been working in retail level jobs for a long time. I hadn’t planned on making retail my career when I first got my job at a local grocery store, but 15 years later I was still stocking shelves and running a register, although at a different store now.

The logical next step for me would be to seek a management position, either where I work now or at another business. And I’ve tried! I’m a good worker, but I don’t have anything I can put onto a resume that would get me a management job.

A mini-MBA was suggested to me as an interesting option by a co-worker who was currently in a program to earn hers. She told me that a mini-MBA is significantly less expensive and less time-consuming, which is important to me considering my work schedule. I can’t afford to go back to school for years and years to earn a traditional Master’s, and I’m a little burnt on college anyway. It’s not like the undergrad degree I got has helped me anywhere!

The mini-MBA is nowhere as powerful as a traditional MBA in terms of getting a job, but I’m not competing with Fortune 500 execs here in retail. I think a mini-MBA would be just the thing to tip the scales in my favor on an application, especially considering my years of hands-on experience in retail. It would show that I’m not complacent in my skills and that I want to be more.

Plus, I really am interested in the topics covered in a mini-MBA program. I wouldn’t be considering making my stay in retail permanent if I wasn’t interested in how businesses are run, or how I might run one better. I’m sure there are plenty of high-level tasks I would be taking on as a manager that I’ve never faced before, like managing a hiring budget.

So now it’s time to take the next step and find a program I like, so I can hurry up with the process of improving my career prospects.

I wanted to hire a mobile airbrush makeup artist, but I did not know how to go about it. I only needed one for a one time event, and I did not have a lot of time to find the person who would end up having do my makeup. I looked at some spas in the area, knowing that they offer services like makeup application. When I was doing a search, I came across a company that has mobile makeup artists. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined something like that even existed. Even better, there was no commitment to having this done more than once.

I just needed the service for one time, so I was very happy to see that. I was able to handle everything online too. I just indicated what I wanted, and I was even able to choose the person I wanted to come to my house. I paid online too, which I really liked. Once I set the appointment, I started second guessing my decision. I had never done anything like this, but it was too late to back out. For the record, I am well known for second guessing my decisions!

When the makeup artist arrived, we went to the kitchen because it has the best lighting in the house. I explained what I wanted, and she showed me some pictures to get a better idea. It was a very easy conversation, and my confidence continued to grow throughout the process. She was very personable, and I was done before I even realized that much time had passed. When I looked in the mirror, I could not believe that it was my reflection looking back at me. I thought that it was going to be just a one time event, but it has turned into something pretty regular for me!

It was a hectic day for me after Hank told us what he had cooking. Of course he is always working on a deal and some times he manages to close on them. It only takes one deal like this to keep you in good with the bosses, too. However in this case he decided that he did not want to stick his rear end out so much as the client wanted him to. It involved a very particular redhead escort service in Provo UT. Apparently this guy is absolutely obsessed with this one girl and it is a very expensive obsession, which he would like us to cover for a couple of weekends. In the greater scheme of things the money is not that big of a deal, although it is a significant amount of money. No one here would think twice about it if it were not for the legalities and the implications with the Internal Revenue Service.

We all sat down and talked about the problems, after we got rid of all of the people who did not absolutely need to be in the room. After all this is not strictly legal. I asked if it was really worth the headaches involved and we had a long discussion about that. Then I said that if we did this once, we might be expected to do it again and again until the end of time. It is a thing that we could do, but we decided that we would do it off of the books. We found some money that was not accounted for and we used it. The money disappeared and the top accountant told us that no one would figure it out. That was all we cared about, we did not want it to look like what it was.

In fact the boss was sort of on shaky ground before. He does not own the place and in fact he became the boss by virtue of his ex wife in large part. Her family owned the place when he got the job and the truth is they have been less than happy with him from what I understand. At any rate he went to Las Vegas Nevada for some sort of convention or trade show and it seems that he ran up an incredible expense account in the process. A Las Vegas escort agency seemed to be the big ticket item in the expense account. Continue reading “We Might Need a New Boss”

Being a small business owner has both advantages and disadvantages. My brother and I own a cafe in the United Kingdom. We both love to provide delicious foods and drinks to our customers. Our business is not very big, but we have a lot of customers. In the past, we had some financial problems. Their were times when business was slow or we had problems with out budget. We were losing money left and right. I did not know what to do. We hired a consulting firm with cafe accountants to help us with our restaurant. I did not want to go out of business.

My brother and I started our own business ten years ago. We decided to open it after we graduated from college. We got tired of working for other people and decided that we should go into business for ourselves. We decided to be entrepreneurs. At first, It was hard getting our dream off the ground, but we eventually got it done. Over the years, we have seen a fair number of good and bad times. I hoped that the consulting firm could help us.

The first task was to find the financial leaks in the cafe. The consultants examined my finances and receipts. The accountant discovered something important. They examined the receipts and noticed that money was coming up short a one of the cash registers. We discovered that one of our employees was actually stealing money from our company. We could not believe it. We discovered who the thief was and fired them immediately. The company also saw ways that we could save money. By serving smaller portions of food, we could prevent the cafe from wasting food, which would save us more money.

I was so glad that I contacted the consultants. They helped us with our cafe.

When i needed to hire an accounting firm to help me, I thought that I would end up hiring someone local. I was not pleased with the price quotes I was given though so I knew that I had to branch out. I did not become a business owner because I stay inside the box when it comes to thinking and ideas, so I figured I would look online at some cafe accountants to see if I could find one that has a good reputation and would be able to work remotely.

It did not take me long at all to find the company that I wanted to use. I first looked at unbiased reviews to learn more about their reputation. It was evident rather quickly that they were highly regarded in the industry. When I looked at the different accounting packages that they offer along with the prices, I also realized that they were extremely affordable too. Continue reading “I Needed a Remote-based Accountant”

Being able to operate efficiently is key for a company, especially one in this modern age. Lots of companies have a data strategy to ensure that they get the most from the company. In order to create the strategy for the company where I’ve been working for the past few years, I turned to a consultant company for help. This company was well known among many of the businesses in the area, and was seen as like a genie that would grant a business the wish they desired. As soon as I contacted the company, they began working on a strategy that would help our company use our resources to our full potential.

The company was pretty quick with their production of the strategy, and they worked closely with my company to tailor the strategy to suit our needs the best. After an agreeable strategy was finalized, my company started working to adhere to the strategy. Continue reading “Coming Up with a Winning Strategy”

I was racking my brains trying to think of something nice to get my best friend for her birthday. It is always hard to buy for her because she literally needs nothing. I had already planned on getting her a nice vase that she had her eye on. It was a decorative glass one that had such a unique design on it, and I knew she would love it. As luck would have it though, she bought it herself a few weeks ago! I was clueless until I came across a site that sells leather bags.

I had gone to the site to look for a new scarf for myself. I needed a fancy one to wear with a new shirt I had bought, and this site is known for their scarves. I had never shopped there before, so I looked around after I picked out the scarf I wanted, and that is when I saw the leather purse that I knew she would love. Continue reading “A Roomier Bag for Her Birthday”

I decided to have an alarm system installed at my new house. I contacted a company that does that, but I was really surprised when they gave me the quote. It was a lot more than I was expecting, and I knew that I would not be able to afford that. I was not dismayed though because I knew that I could go online and look at Pyronix burglar alarms and kits. The only difference is that I would have to install it myself. I was expecting to have to pay a higher price for the equipment, but it was extremely affordable. I guess the markup is pretty significant!

I looked over the different kits that they have, and I talked to a representative at the company too. Continue reading “I Saved Money on My Security Alarm”

I’ve gotten a good profit from the alternative investment market. My coworkers were the ones who told me about it, and we decided to invest together. It was a situation where we agreed to split the profits from our investment, and if we walked away with nothing, then that would be it. From the money we pooled together, we got more than five times as much back, and we were excited, as if we had won the lottery. It was a shock to see that much money from an investment, and we were already thinking about what to do with our future. One person wanted to retire early so he could live on an island. Continue reading “Great Finances and the Future”