A Roomier Bag for Her Birthday

I was racking my brains trying to think of something nice to get my best friend for her birthday. It is always hard to buy for her because she literally needs nothing. I had already planned on getting her a nice vase that she had her eye on. It was a decorative glass one that had such a unique design on it, and I knew she would love it. As luck would have it though, she bought it herself a few weeks ago! I was clueless until I came across a site that sells leather bags.

I had gone to the site to look for a new scarf for myself. I needed a fancy one to wear with a new shirt I had bought, and this site is known for their scarves. I had never shopped there before, so I looked around after I picked out the scarf I wanted, and that is when I saw the leather purse that I knew she would love. I had not even considered a leather bag for her because it is just one of those things that is right in front of your face all the time.

What I mean by that is her bag is old, and it surprised me that she had yet to replace it. I looked at the different leather bags, and I prayed that she would not replace her own before her day gets here. It is in a couple more days, and I am so excited because she is still carrying her old bag. This new one is authentic leather, and it has more room in it than what her current bag has. Her purse is always stuffed full, making it hard for her to find anything in it, so I know she is going to love this larger leather bag that I have gift wrapped and waiting for her!