I Saved Money on My Security Alarm

I decided to have an alarm system installed at my new house. I contacted a company that does that, but I was really surprised when they gave me the quote. It was a lot more than I was expecting, and I knew that I would not be able to afford that. I was not dismayed though because I knew that I could go online and look at Pyronix burglar alarms and kits. The only difference is that I would have to install it myself. I was expecting to have to pay a higher price for the equipment, but it was extremely affordable. I guess the markup is pretty significant!

I looked over the different kits that they have, and I talked to a representative at the company too. I told her what my main concerns were for even getting a security system, and she was able to help me narrow down the choices to two different ones. Both were fine for what I wanted, and I decided to go with the one that had two extra cameras since the price was not that much more for it. Having it shipped immediately and for free was a nice bonus.

When it came, I got stumped a few times while installing it. I got frustrated because it seemed like I should be able to do this without any help. When I contacted the company to find out what I was doing wrong, the technician was able to explain the two steps that I had been missing. I had it installed completely about an hour later, and everything works perfectly with it. I like being able to see what is going on around my house. While I hope to never see anyone in my yard that should not be, I am glad I have the ability to see if that does happen.