Making Memories with Our Son

When my son told me he wanted to take clay shooting lessons, I honestly did not know what he meant. He spends a lot of time with his best friend, and his father has become like a second dad to my son. They are the ones who wanted to introduce him to this sport, so I went to the website that my son told me about so I could learn more. I already knew that if if his friend’s dad felt it was safe to do, then it would be okay by me too, knowing that he would never put either of the boys in any kind of danger.

When I went to the website to see exactly what he would be getting into, I was happy to see that his friend’s dad was taking every precaution. I know a lot of people would just take the boys out and teach them on their own, but not this man. He wanted the boys to learn how to properly shoot from a professional. Before either one of them could even go on their own with his dad, they had to complete a training course where they would learn everything they needed to know, including the proper safety measures for handling the guns.

Both boys were so eager to go through this training, and even my own husband started to get excited. He ended up going with them and taking the shooting instruction himself. He had heard about clay pigeon shooting before, but he never showed an interest in it until he saw our son’s excitement. Now, the four of them regularly shoot together, and it is just such a good feeling to see how happy they are when they come home from an afternoon of shooting clay pigeons together. This is how memories are made!