beautiful women seducing powerful men to get engineering degrees for indian government records

In a major sex, identity theft racket, masterminded by google, tata, lazy greedy mediocre beautiful women are seducing extremely powerful fraud intelligence, security, ntro employees to get an engineering degree from top colleges overnight for indian government records and a monthly indian government salary.
The hypocrite corrupt indian government has launched the beti padao, beti bachao campaign, yet refuses to take action against fraud indian government employees who are stealing the resume, investment, memory and correspondence of educated women for their semiliterate lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced sex worker like raw employee sunaina, cheater housewife and other fraud girlfriends, openly exploiting women who spent years of their life, getting a degree from a top college

when will action be taken against ntro employees stealing the resume of educated women in India for their sex worker and lazy fraud mediocre girlfriends?